RC Christian School admits students on the basis of parental and personal spiritual commitment, entrance exams, and previous school record. 


2024-25 Rates

The Board of Trustees for Rapid City Christian School is aware that tuition can be a prohibitive factor for families considering a Christ-centered education for their children.  With that in mind, they strive to keep tuition as low as possible while maintaining an exceptional faculty and an increasingly impressive facility.

Additionally, for those not sure they can afford tuition, RC Christian School is able to provide the Tuition Assistance Scholarship (TAS) program, which assists approximately 20 percent of students enrolled.  It may be applied for after the enrollment process is complete and all application and registration fees are paid.  The maximum financial aid granted is 50%


Application Fee (one time)

Grades 6-12   $50 per student

The application fee applies to new students only, is due with the initial application, and is non-refundable.


Registration Fees (annual)

Grades 6-8 $400 per student
Grades 9-12 $400 per student


*Registration fee includes student activity fee, yearbook, program development fee, ACSI membership fees, standardized testing, and retreat fees. All above fees are nonrefundable in the event of withdrawal.


Re-enrollment procedure

For a student to re-enroll for the following school year, a re-enrollment form must be completed in FACTS Family Portal. The applicable enrollment fee will be scheduled for billing upon re-enrollment with payment to be paid by May 1, 2024.


Tuition (includes book fees)

Grade Tuition Payment Plan 1 
(July1- May 1)
Payment Plan 2 
(Aug. 1-May1)
6-8 $7,100.00 $645.45 per month $710.00 per month  
9-12 $9,000.00 $818.18 per month $900.00 per month  

There will be a 5% discount for each additional student after the first.

Homeschool students enrolling in a class at Rapid City Christian will be charged $1,700 per credit for a middle school class and $2,000 per credit for a high school class.

Financial Aid

RC Christian offers scholarships through its Tuition Assistance Scholarship program. Application must be submitted annually. Awards can cover up to 50% of tuition. Financial aid is available based on financial need and other criteria. It may be applied for after the student has been accepted by RC Christian. The application process can be found at under the Tuition Assistance tab.

Please note: If you receive a South Dakota Partners in Education Scholarship, the maximum amount of financial aid you can receive in conjunction with TAS, pastoral discount, or Christian ministry/school faculty discount is 75%. Adjustments will be made after South Dakota Partners in Education awards are given.



Additional Fees

Late Fee $20  
Returned check charge $30 per check  
Athletic Fees

$350.00 per junior varsity and varsity sport, $500.00 for home school

$225.00 per middle school sport, $400.00 for home school

$100.00 for varsity manager fee

Marching Band $150.00 for each participant  
Cheerleading $200 for each season  
Drama Fees $100 for each event  
Knowledge Bowl $50.00  
Withdrawal Fee $50 if 10-day notice is not given  



Financial Agreement

Parents are asked to allow RC Christian to set up Automated Clearing House (ACH) withdrawals (electronic funds transfer) from their financial institution to pay tuition for either Plan 1 or Plan 2 above. Withdrawals can be set up for the 1st, 10th, or 20th of the month. Alternate arrangements must be approved by the administration. If an account reaches 60 days past due without written agreement with the school, the student is subject to suspension until the account is current.

In the event a student is to be withdrawn, a 10-day notice must be given to the administration, and the parents must complete a withdrawal form. The application and registration fees are nonrefundable.

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Tuition Assistance Scholarship

The Rapid City Christian School (RCCS) Tuition Assistance Scholarship (TAS) is designed to help families in financial need with the cost of tuition. The program is funded by generous contributors who believe in making Christian education more accessible to families. The maximum scholarship award is 50% of tuition. The Tuition Assistance Committee (TAC) makes allocations based on available funds as determined by the RCCS Board of Trustees annually.

Please note: If you receive a South Dakota Partners in Education Scholarship, the maximum amount of financial aid you can receive in conjunction with TAS is 75%. Adjustments will be made after South Dakota Partners in Education awards are given.

Determining Eligibility

Applicants for tuition assistance must:

· submit an online application through FACTS on ParentsWeb. The cost to apply is $40.

· possess a 2.5 GPA or better from the previous academic semester.

· be a student with a clear Christian testimony – an evident life of faith – recognized by the RCCS faculty and administration.

· exhibit behavior – in action and attitude – that demonstrates a spirit of cooperation with RCCS school policies.

Application Process and Deadlines

For new families or students, TAS Fund applications can only be submitted after students have been accepted by RCCS. Please apply through FACTS on ParentsWeb. Funds are limited so applications will be approved based on the date that the application is fully completed. In order to receive tuition assistance for the full year, the application must be completed by September 1. Awards for applications completed after September 1 will be prorated for the remainder of the year. An application is not considered received until your tax return has been received by FACTS.

Everyone who applies and delivers their tax returns to FACTS by May 31 will receive a reply by June 30. Everyone who applies by July 15 will receive a reply by August 15. If an application is made after July 15, a reply will be provided on a best efforts basis. A decision from the committee will take a minimum of 2 weeks after FACTS receives the tax return.

If you are currently receiving TAS Fund assistance, your application deadline to receive a full award for the next school year is April 30 of the current school year. For every month delay after April 30, your assistance will be reduced by 10%. For applications received in May your award will be reduced by 10%, received in June by 20% and an additional 10% for each month thereafter. Please plan to apply by April 30.

The amount of tuition that you pay RCCS and approved Christian elementary schools will be taken into consideration to determine assistance on your RCCS tuition. Approved elementary schools are Calvary Christian School, Creekside Christian School, and Zion Lutheran School. If a parent wants a different Christian school approved, they must submit a written request to the TAS Fund committee who will determine its eligibility. Submission of registration or acceptance form from an approved elementary school is required.

The TAC analyzes these parameters and establishes a need-based ranking of all applicants. The Committee will have the final say on providing aid.


South Dakota Partners in Education Needs Based Scholarship

For any K-12 student living in South Dakota and students in foster care.

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