Last month I attended the Global Christian School Leadership Summit in San Antonio. (It’s hard to believe this week, but it was warmer here than it was there on my last day!) It was information overload for the 1100 attendees from 56 countries. The days were packed with keynote speakers and workshops covering practical topics such as financial sustainability and the latest technology or philosophical seminars about pedagogy in the classroom and the shifting educational landscape. I was especially interested in seminars offered by Rex Miller, a futurist in education, who has written several books about the changing needs of our students. His topics include apropos titles – Gutenberg to Google and The Pandorification of Learning.  The troubling but true reality is that our students are preparing for a world that is changing at the speed of thought. We are offering an education for many careers that are yet to be identified. Miller distilled the skills he believes our students need above all else: communication, creativity, and collaboration. Really not new concepts, but are we intentional about offering opportunity for students to develop these skills? I spent plenty of time pondering and discussing with other administrators what our Christian schools should be doing to equip students for a world that we can scarcely imagine. While we are launching a deep dive into examining how we do ‘school’ at RC Christian, we know above all else that students will need a foundation of Truth from which to navigate this brave new world. I’m so glad that God’s Word doesn’t change! Thank you for allowing us to help nurture your students in their relationship with Jesus Christ and cultivate their gifts for His glory.

Amazed by His Grace,

Julie Hewitt




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